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 The Pilates Studio 

Set up over 19 years ago in Salisbury, The Studio offers high-quality Pilates classes taught by professional enthusiastic teachers. My vision has always been that exercises should be holistic and that clients feel cared for. This ethos is reflected by all the teachers at Fitness Design Ltd.


The importance of feeling well inside & out came to me after my second child. Injuring my back, I found although I was fit, I was not healthy. Pushing my body, hard had not brought me wellness. Finding Pilates not only answered my quest for getting a vibrant, healthy body but gave me peace of mind, the lesson, “listen to your body.”

In the future I would like to offer more tailored support for those with life challenges. My vision embraces a retreat setting to enable wellbeing, especially at difficult times.   


Sara’s passion is creating a studio that looks after the whole person, supporting clients to grow more flexible in their bodies and their minds as they grow older. She wants her studio to feel like a home from home, where you can relax with like-minded people. Laughing is one of the most therapeutic things we can do every day and an important parts of Sara’s studio experience. However, she also wants to encourage clients to deeply focus on and into their bodies as she believes they will tell you what they need, if you let them. Holistically she encourages clients to work from the inside out with good nutrition, healthy exercise/movement, stretching, healthy relaxation and some sort of spiritual journey being the key to health and happiness. She works closely with other health professionals in Salisbury, local Homeopaths, Physiotherapists, McTimmony Chiropractors, Cranial Osteopaths to name but a few. She looks forward to welcoming all of those who want to open their minds and their bodies to feel happier and healthier with a positive outlook, whatever their age.

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