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Joseph Pilates insisted that clients work on the Machines for at least a year before they were allowed to do Mat Classes. Even though we are a little more flexible in our thinking, the Machines help support people with a huge range of challenges so they can improve much quicker than they would be able to otherwise.




One to One this is tailored to the individual to help them to progress at their own pace.


One to Two’s This is with one other person, each person can work at their own level with a lot of attention from their teacher.

One to Three's enjoy a bespoke Machine class that is small enough to be more specific to the individual.


One to four’s This is a Machine class with up to four people. It is more of a general class but everyone is encouraged to work at their own level. 




Mat classes are Pilates exercises specially designed for the level of the class and taught on a mat sometimes using small equipment. The class has no more than four people. Classes are run in approximately six-week blocks mainly in term time.

Price List


Mat Pilates 

Payable 6 weeks in advance at £17 per session

Pilates Machines 1 -4 

£23 per class or £200 for 10 sessions

Pilates Machines: 1 - 3

£26 per class or £230 for 10 sessions

Pilates Machines: 1 - 2 

£31 per class or £280 for 10 sessions

Pilates Machines: 1-1

£51 per class or £480 for 10 sessions

1 - 1 Session with Sara

£55 per session or £530 for 10

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