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I have been going to Pilates mat and machine classes for ten years at Sara’s studio in her home in Salisbury. Each class has between two and five people so Sara is able to give lots of individual attention to every student. At the end of each class, I feel energised, stretched, balanced and ready for the day ahead.

Sara is an excellent Pilates Foundation teacher who is very professional and knowledgeable about many forms of exercise. She is clearly most enthusiastic about Pilates and the benefits it brings to the body, the mind and to life in general. Sara teaches in a very intuitive and compassionate way and adapts Pilates exercises to individual needs. She has a delightful sense of humour and a zest for life which comes across in her teaching.

Rosemary W

I started Pilates with Sara in Salisbury 9 years ago with a desire to improve my balance, posture, flexibility and strength. I had begun to feel physically hesitant, unbalanced and unsure.


Sara is a wonderful motivator and a true enthusiast for Pilates, while being totally down to earth, welcoming and friendly. With her experience and dedication, she is always wanting to get the best out of her pupils while retaining a great sense of humour and fun in her classes.


Sara takes a caring and professional approach to all her students. She always asks for an update on any health issues, areas of pain, or movement difficulties and then tailors the exercises accordingly for each member of the class, closely observing to ensure they are done correctly and safely.


Sara's studio is part of her home - it is clean, bright and warm with well-maintained equipment and a lovely view.


Sarah Sh

 I have been attending Sara’s Pilates classes in Salisbury for five years. They are always professionally run, but this is combined with being friendly and informal. Sara gives lots of individual attention to her clients and encourages everyone to achieve what they can without being pushy. She is knowledgeable and up to date with the latest research in Pilates and always asks about our physical health before we begin. The exercises have definitely improved my posture, muscle strength and balance and have helped my intermittent back pain. With Sara’s expertise, I feel that I am in safe hands.


Jill B

I have been attending Pilates classes in Salisbury with Sara for over 10 years – by far the longest time I have attended any exercise class. So what is Sara’s secret? Why do I still enjoy the classes after so many years?


Sara is remarkable as a Pilates teacher in (at least) three ways. Firstly, she creates a wonderfully warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Sara’s sense of fun and ability to engage her students always ensures a class that is lively and enjoyable, as well as relaxed and focused, allowing us the time and space to give our bodies the attention that they so rarely receive in the day-to-day whirl of activity. 


Second, Sara treats every student as an individual, and tailors all the exercises accordingly. Even in a group session, Sara sets different exercises for everyone according to their needs, and remembers everyone’s individual health and medical issues. Even those with serious medical conditions are in the safest of hands with Sara, as she takes such trouble to make sure that every student is set the exercises most beneficial for them. (And if, like me, you are sometimes an idler or malingerer, and come to Sara because you need some discipline and motivation, Sara will provide that, too!) Sara adapts her approach for every student, from caring and gentle to smilingly determined to make you try just a bit harder, with perfect understanding of exactly what her students need.


Lastly, Sara is enormously impressive in her appetite for learning new techniques and developing her own knowledge and skills as a Pilates teacher. In an era where so many Pilates teachers set up their businesses after having trained for just a weekend, or without having any reputable professional qualifications at all, Sara is a shining example of professionalism, and someone who really cares about her subject and her own professional development. She has introduced so many new ideas, pieces of equipment and types of exercise during the years I have known her – and this is one reason why, after 10 years (or more), I still find the lessons interesting and increasingly beneficial. The new techniques Sara introduces are not mere fashions or ‘fads’ but are always fully researched and tested and I have found so many of them to be hugely helpful. A teacher who never stops learning is the perfect teacher – and they aren’t easy to find!


There are many other reasons why I enjoy Sara’s classes so much – but these are probably three of the most important. If you start Pilates classes with Sara, you are guaranteed to enjoy the experience and your body will thank you for it! I couldn’t recommend her too highly. 



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