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Health Directory

At Fitness Design Salisbury we work as a community with other local therapists to support each other's practices and help each individual who walks through the door to become the healthiest, fittest and most vital version of themselves.

The following list of practitioners makes up the heart of our Fitness Design community.

Annie Batchelor - Homoeopath - 01722 679 709

Is an amazing homeopath who has been helping people with all sorts of ailments for decades. She is hugely experienced and also runs Salisbury School of Homeopathy teaching people to be Homeopaths. She is a great listener and has a vibrant and fun personality that lights up any room.

Sarnika Merkel - Physiotherapist - 01722 321980

has many skills and is a brilliant Chartered Physiotherapist. She also has another side to her work where she can work deeply with you to release trauma and deep sadness. Sarnika is a truly beautiful person inside and out.

Pilates Foundation - 07435  972226

is the only not-for-profit organisation in this country whose focus is the highest standard of training for all its teachers. If you want a good teacher who is well trained you will find one by searching on their website in your area. All our teachers are in the Pilates Foundation.

Not Just Backs - Osteopaths - 01722 42 12 42

has a vast team with the most amazing Osteopaths in this area. If you want a magical change in your body try doing Pilates and having some gentle cranial work. There are also other wonderful Osteopath's who will do more structural work.

Georgie Baker - Chiropractor - 07743 541800

is a McTimoney Chiropractor which means, she gently releases and aligns the body. However, she has always astounded me by continually upgrading her skills, and so has many other strings to her bow. If you want a thorough assessment and treatment every time you go she is the one for you.

Duncan May - Chiropractor - 07818 458420

is also a McTimoney Chiropractor who works his magic on many of my clients. He has great success and also does some amazing massage work. Duncan will put you at ease as he helps to align your body.

Annie Armit - 07709 533665

Is a calm and wonderful lady who works as an energetic counselor. Her work is amazing and life-changing, taking you from your low points in life back into the light. 

Bodywise - 01722 349 848

is a larger studio than mine also in Salisbury, we work closely together helping as many people in our area as possible. All the teachers are Pilates Foundation teachers. They teach up to 11 in a Mat class and up to 4 in an equipment class.

Rowena Paxton - 01722 782442

Rowena is a brilliant nutritionist helping me with all sorts of health issues over the years. She has brought my body back into balance by eating good quality no-nonsense home-cooked food with all the family.

Teresa Shaw MA - 07977 522419

Teresa is an amazing Voice coach working with 1-1's or groups on spoken voice, singing, also helping presenters work on their technique. She has a level 7 coaching qualification, helping to coach people with all sorts of anxiety issues, is one of her specialties.

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